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Waterproof foundation does not come off until you want them to. Call 866-211-5477. Wear all day for maximum results. Also contains anti aging ingredients.
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Cosmetic Waterproof Foundation

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MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex formulations is:
  • Non-smearing, long-lasting coverage.
  • Oil free - can be used on any skin type.
  • Non-comedogenic - does not clog pores.
  • Adapts to skin pigmentation – versatile in that one skin color may be able to use a range of up to three different shades (or vice-versa for tanning) because of the way the color pigments adapt to skin tones.
  • Helps to reduce moisture loss.
  • Provides another layer of SenePlex Complex.
  • Water-resistant.

Feel confident wearing waterproof foundation cosmetics SeneGence MakeSense™ waterproof foundation containing SenePlex® blends color cosmetics with skincare to provide impeccably flawless looking skin. Oil-free, non-comedogenic including water-resistant properties, this long-lasting waterproof foundation works for every skin type. Wearing waterproof foundation offers botanical mechanical shield equivalent to an SPF 15. Combine with the Day Time Moisturizer for non-chemical SPF 30 equivalent.

Waterproof foundation keeps beautiful looks fresh from morning through evening. Results clinically proven. Waterproof foundation is formulated to be used with the SeneDerm® SkinCare System to provide maximum benefits and optimum results.

MakeSense™ Foundation with SenePlex combines cosmetics with skincare to give you an impeccably flawless finish. MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex also provides and offers an unprecedented mechanical shield for protection throughout the day. The application of a MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex layered on top of any SeneDerm DayTime Moisturizer gives your skin the benefits of a mechanical shield by boosting the SPF 15 of the moisturizer, so that when combined it produces a mechanical shield that delivers protection the equivalency of an SPF 30.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

The uniqueness of this foundation is not only in its content but also in what it does NOT contain. Ingredients utilized in the foundation include minerals and do not contain oils, emulsifiers, waxes, stearates (salts), fatty, alcohols, or sulfates.
Listed in order from lightest to darkest
Beige Chiffon MakeSenseBeige Chiffon (light to medium shade with medium yellow undertones)
Creme Beige MakeSenseCrème Beige (light shade with slight yellow undertones)
Ivory MakeSenseIvory (light shade for ivory colored skin)
Dewy MakeSenseDewy (medium shade with slight yellow undertones)
Fawn MakeSenseFawn (medium shade with medium yellow undertones)
Blush MakeSenseBlush (medium with medium pink undertones)
Almond MakeSenseAlmond (medium with slight pink undertones)
Tan MakeSenseTan (dark shade with yellow undertones)
Suede MakeSenseSuede (dark shade with yellow-olive undertones)
Cafe au lait MakeSenseCafe au Lait (dark shade with medium pink undertones)
Mink MakeSenseMink (brown shade with yellow undertones)
Chestnut MakeSenseChestnut (brown shade with pink undertones)
Waterproof foundation Cosmetic
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