apply semi permanent lipstick

Applying LipSenseŽ Semi Permanent Lip Color, Karole Lewis

Apply semi permanent lip color for 4 to 12 hour staying power. Call 347-400-8567 for color consultation. Karole Lewis, Independent Distributor

LipSenseŽ application Applying Lipstick with LipSense®. Tips for applying lipstick with LipSense®:
Long Lasting Lip Stick
Clean lips first - LipSense® Liquid Lip Color must be applied to clean dry lips. Define lips - for a more defined, finished look, we suggest first lining your lips using one of our beautiful shades of LinerSense®. LinerSense® is designed to blend and compliment all the LipSense® hues. LinerSense® must be shaken prior to application. Apply color onto the sable brush, and begin application to the outer corner of your lower lip, moving the color in one direction. Repeat this process for the upper lip.
Long Lasting Makeup LipSense® Layering technique- LipSense® Liquid Lip Color must be shaken prior to application. LipSense® is applied by using a layering technique. Three layers is the recommended amount for maximum staying power. After placing color onto the wand, begin your application at the corner of your mouth, using the longest length of the applicator.
Semi Permanent Lipstick Keep your lips apart, and follow the natural shape of your lips. Apply the color, moving it in one direction versus going back and forth like you would with lipstick.
Permanent Lipstick Let each layer set for a few seconds before proceeding to the next. When you have completed the application of the third layer of color and the color has set, apply one of the Moisturizing Glosses over the final layer.
applying lipstickAfter applying the gloss, you may press your lips together and enjoy the glorious look and feel of this long lasting, advanced color technology!
applying lipstick
  • Apple Cider LipSense Apple Cider
  • Beige Champagne LipSense Beige Champagne
  • Blu-Red LipSense Blu-Red
  • Blush LipSense Blush
  • Brick LipSense Brick
  • Bronze LipSense Bronze Shimmer
  • Burnt Orange LipSense Burnt Orange
  • Cappuccino LipSense Cappuccino
  • Cocoa LipSense Cocoa
  • Coral Ice LipSense Coral Ice
  • Coral Reef LipSense Coral Reef
  • Cranberry LipSense Cranberry
  • Currant LipSenseŽ long lasting lip color Currant
  • Dark Pink LipSense Dark Pink
  • Dusty Rose LipSense Dusty Rose
  • Fantasy Fusccia LipSense Fantasy Fuscia
  • fire-n-ice LipSense Fire-n-Ice
  • Fuscia LipSense Fuscia
  • Glitter LipSense Glitter
  • Gold Champagne LipSense Gold Champagne
  • Latte LipSense Latte
  • Light Bronze LipSense Light Bronze
  • Mauve Ice LipSense Mauve Ice
  • Nude LipSense Nude
  • Currant LipSense Moca
  • Neutral LipSense Neutral
  • Persimmon LipSense Persimmon
  • Peach LipSense Peach
  • Pink Champagne LipSense Pink Champagne
  • Pink Ice LipSense Pink Ice
  • Pink Shimmer LipSense Pink Shimmer
  • Plum LipSense Plum
  • Plumeria LipSense Plumeria
  • Praline Rose LipSense Praline Rose
  • Raisin LipSense Raisin
  • Red Cherry LipSense Red Cherry
  • Rose IceLipSense Rose Ice
  • RoseBerry LipSense RoseBerry
  • Sheer Pink LipSense Sheer Pink
  • Samon LipSense Samon
  • Sheer Berry LipSense Sheer Berry
  • Summer Sunset LipSense Summer Sunset
  • Spice Ice LipSense Spice Ice
  • Sugar Plum LipSense Sugar Plum
  • Sun Burst Orange LipSense Sun Burst Orange
apply semi permanent lipstick