Semi Permanent Makeup Colors

Proven Semi Permanent Makeup Colors. Waterproof Semi Permanent Makeup Colors last morning through evening.

Applying Makeup

Several semi permanent makeup colors are waterproof. Easy makeup applying with choice cosmetics. Order online or call 347-400-8567. Money Back Guarantee

Cosmetic Permanent Makeup

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Liquid cosmetics make applying makeup easy.

Waterproof Makeup

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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup Colors

MakeSense™ Semi Permanent Makeup Colors can be applied with the fingertips or a make-up sponge. Pump one to two dollops of the foundation either into your hand or onto a sponge.
Applying Long Lasting Makeup Lightly place dots of foundation onto your face including the chin, forehead, and cheek area.
Anti Aging Makeup Blend the foundation out and upward in light feathery strokes into your hairline.
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Ligt Makeup Shades
  • Ivory (light shade for ivory colored skin)Ivory MakeSense
  • Crème Beige (light shade with slight yellow undertones)Creme Beige MakeSense
  • Beige Chiffon (light to medium shade with medium yellow undertones)Beige Chiffon MakeSense
Medium Makeup Shades
  • Dewy (medium shade with slight yellow undertones)Dewy MakeSense
  • Fawn (medium shade with medium yellow undertones)Fawn MakeSense
  • Almond (medium with slight pink undertones)Almond MakeSense
  • Blush (medium with medium pink undertones)Blush MakeSense
Dark Makeup Shades
  • Tan (dark shade with yellow undertones)Tan MakeSense
  • Suede (dark shade with yellow-olive undertones)Suede MakeSense
  • Cafe au Lait (dark shade with medium pink undertones)Cafe au lait MakeSense
Brown Makeup Shades
  • Mink (brown shade with yellow undertones)Mink MakeSense
  • Chestnut (brown shade with pink undertones)Chestnut MakeSense
Using the foundation with the skin care will help reduce wrinkles and improve your skin. Don’t take our word for it, read the clinical results done by an independent laboratory. Proven anti aging moisturizers protect your skin and keep it radiant.

Read more tips on applying makeup.foundation. Include waterproof eye liner to your regiment. Proprietary ingredients keep cosmetics on until removed with special makeup remover. Included in proven products are Eye Shadow, Eye Brow Liner, Blush, Concealer and LipSense lip color. Look great morning through evening with cosmetics that work as promised. Customers consistently reorder thus demonstrating product integrity. Anti-aging properties enhance the ingredients resulting in complexion compliments. Younger skin starts with SeneGenceŽ waterproof, skin improving Cosmetics.