Long Lasting Facial Blush

Natural Long Lasting Facial Blush. Apply long lasting facial blush morning, remove evening. Free long lasting facial blush consultation call 347-400-8567
Facial Blush Makeup

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BlushSense long lasting facial blush, incorporates the same SenePlexT Complex proprietary formulation and advanced color technology as the MakeSenseT Foundation with SenePlex.

The Science Behind the Product BlushSense adds another layer of protection, nourishment, and beauty to your face. Made with long-lasting color technology, it is water-resistant and blends beautifully with any shade of MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex for a natural look. BlushSenseT with SenePlex should last anywhere between 4 to 18 hours, depending on how it is applied and each individual's body chemistry.

More Application Techniques Apply a small amount of BlushSense onto the cheek area, using either a make-up brush or sponge. Dot BlushSense color first near hair line at a space even with top of cheekbone; blend on top of cheek bone forward towards center of face and downward into apple of cheek; stopping just short of two finger widths to your nose and no lower than bottom of nose length. Use to create a sun-kissed, healthy glow in other areas of the face.


Long Lasting Facial Blush

Perk your face up with long lasting facial blush by SeneGence, the same maker of LipSense. Like LipSense, BlushSense will stay where you put it allowing you to create a flawless face. BlushSense cheek color is removed with Foops! Remover and will last hours and hours. If you experience that "tired" look mid-day, using BlushSense along with the SeneGenceŽ skin care regiment.The BlushSense crème formula delivers a layer of SenePlex® to the skin. The long lasting facial blush technology delivers additional skin care and the perfect touch or color.

BlushSense is very easy to apply. Just follow these directions:

  • BlushSense™- Dot the long lasting facial blush BlushSense color on to your cheek bone.
  • Using a sponge or a make-up brush, blend up and outward in a circular motion into the apple and cheekbone area.
  • Blend thoroughly into your hairline.
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  • Ample Apricot MakeSense Ample Apricot
  • Cherry BlushSense Cherry
  • Chocolate Cherry BlushSense Chocolate Cherry
  • Cognac Cream BlushSense Cognac Cream
  • Pink Parfait BlushSense Pink Parfait
  • Pouty Pink BlushSense Pouty Pink
  • Terra Cotta BlushSense Terra Cotta
  • Toasted Rose BlushSense Toasted Rose
Long Lasting Facial Blush