SeneGenceŽ Cosmetic Career

Start a SeneGenceŽ cosmetic career on your own terms. Successful SeneGenceŽ distributor Karole Lewis 347-400-8567 will mentor and train you. No SeneGenceŽ Experience necessary.

Cosmetic Career:

SeneGenceŽ offers casual, part time, and full time cosmetic career opportunities regardless of religion, net worth, education, or ethnic background to women of all ages.

As a new SeneGenceŽ Cosmetic Distributor, you may elect to become a casual Distributor, purchasing products for yourself and providing SeneGenceŽ products to friends and family or you may choose to “Begin a Business” as a part time or full time Distributor and elect to take advantage of our SeneStart recognition programs, earn free corporate trainings and begin to grow a business from your home with a generous income potential.

SeneStart today and you are on your way to the most exciting direct sales opportunity and compensation program available in the market today. SeneStart is perfect for anyone, anywhere, anytime to support you in starting your SeneGence® business.

Earning Opportunities

The SeneGenceŽ Opportunity, to become an Independent Distributor, makes even more sense with options that work for you and for your lifestyle – right now. When was the last time an independent business owner mentioned their opportunity was packaged with actual benefits? SeneGenceŽ understands you and the big picture. We'll help you plan for the future while building a successful business today with income, bonuses, trainings, benefits, trips, boundless opportunities, professional support, networking and a lot of camaraderie. The lifestyle you previously only dreamed of can now be a reality.

Income & Commissions

SeneGenceŽ International offers a very generous Distributor Compensation plan that excels in the multi-level marketing and direct sales industry. Our competitive, comprehensive plan provides income on many levels:

  1. Earn profits on the retail sales of SeneGenceŽ cosmetics and skincare.
  2. Quickly begin earning commissions based on Distributors you sponsor.
  3. Earn monthly bonuses based on group sales volume.


SeneGenceŽ promotions, contests and conferences will take you around the world. Cruises and travel adventures have allowed our Distributors global experiences from home offices in the US, Canada and Australia to conferences and vacations in exotic, glamorous style. From European extravagance to tropical island destinations and portside paradises, the next SeneGenceŽ adventure is right around the corner. Make sure to bring your passport!