SeneGenceŽ Cosmetic Distributor Opportunity Karole Lewis

First rate SeneGenceŽ cosmetic distributor opportunity. SeneGenceŽ Mentorship and training call 347-400-8567. Ask for Karole Lewis. No experience necessary.
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The SeneGence® Choice

We provide products and a Distributor career path that really work. With LipSense® (the premier long-lasting lip color), SeneDerm® anti-aging skincare and SenseCosmetics™ custom-blend able shades, dare to try something new - something revolutionary . something that truly works! Now think beyond the scope of cosmetics and skincare. What are your goals? No matter how big or small, how will you reach them? We believe you can reach a little farther. Take it to the next level - even take it to the edge. Think outside the box while coloring within. If you were standing on the outside looking in, would you love the view? Here's a new big picture: Vistas of exotic destinations; dreams achieved; a life on your own terms. Break through boundaries, but be in control . of you. SeneGence® gives you a choice. Love the products or love the lifestyle. You deserve both, but on your terms. Take your pick: Customer or career? When you break through your boundaries, where will you be? We are the vehicle to drive you there. Enjoy the ride, love the life, love your skin. Be glamorous - be you. Distributors needed in the USA, Canada and Australia. Sign up now for $50

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Be taken care of by your personal distributor and enjoy products unlike any other - they work.

Be a SeneGence® Distributor

Begin your career as an independent business owner. Share the products and opportunity with those you know and fresh faces you meet. Travel, set your own schedule, achieve your goals, love your boss and live your life - on your terms .Envision the big picture. it’s a beautiful view - with you in it. Today is the day to start. Every day is yours to revel in it. Now make your choice .

Products that work & a career that works . for you!

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