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    You are clean and freshly exfoliated - now pamper yourself in a luxurious, rich moisturizer with SeneDerm® Hand & Body Lotion.

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    The Body Wash is a rich, gentle, foaming gel that cleanses the entire body.

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    Exfoliating is important to keep skin smooth and healthy because it allows for better moisture absorption.

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    The richest and most emollient body moisturizer in the SeneDerm® body care line and the last lotion you'll ever need.

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Anti aging Body Care

Pamper yourself with the richest and most expensive ingredients found on the planet. The SeneGenceŽ body care collection will nurture your skin and encourage you to have a positive outlook on life. Combined with botanicals found on the island of Vanuatu, and Shea Butter, the SeneGenceŽ body care products are bound to make you feel good all over. Dry skin will become a condition of the past after you use the Body Care products on a regular basis.

We started our cosmetics business over 10 years ago with the desire to work from home and spend more time with the family. Since that time we have serviced over 15,000 customers and have helped several people start their own businesses. If this is something you aspire to, please visit the Career section and find out about how to join the team.

Hand Cream with Shea Butter

The Science Behind the Product
Hands typically seem to be much dryer than the rest of skin on the body because hands are usually more often exposed to water, cold, heat and extreme elements such as sunlight. Even the simple task of handling paper draws moisture from skin. Our hands require more moisturizing care by adding moisture and, just as important, covering the skin with a protective coating that helps to ‘seal in’ the moisture when applied.

Hand Cream with Shea Butter is packed with moisturizers, natural lubricants to help soothe skin; botanicals that help protect hands from sun exposure; botanicals that actually help to eliminate sun spots; and plant extracts that protect hands from free radicals.
anti aging body care