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SeneStyle Hair Care System

The SeneStyle Hair Care System is a SeneGence® proprietary formulation product that has been discontinued but was made with a one-of-a kind S-Ionic Protein blends that help make hair more beautiful. Each product may be used on all hair types. For best results use together. This set does not include the SeneStyle Detangler. Even though this product has been discontinued, we will have some in stock.

The Science Behind The Product:

What are S-Ionic proteins?

Yorum Fishman (Y F): We’ve taken the classic proteins and re-modified them - we’ve energized them! we’ve basically electrified them. we’ve given them energy. The reason we give them energy is because things that have energy perform better - they will work better. When you look at a protein molecule, you see a positive and a negative charge. They're charged (positive and negative charges) and that’s how they attract to the hair. When we take these proteins and increase those charges, what do you think is going to happen? The attraction is much stronger, so the adherence of these proteins to your hair shaft is much greater.

Proteins are great humectants. Humectants are things that draw water to your hair or to whatever part you put it on. The hair shaft itself is dead. You can’t make it alive. The root is alive, but the hair shaft that comes out of your scalp is dead and so it cannot create its own moisture. It cannot really do anything. The only thing it can do is absorb and attract and bind, by electrical charges, different things to the hair.

What people want is shiny hair. I mean, that’s really the bottom line. If your hair is shiny, it’s great, and you cannot get shiny hair unless you have good hair. How does shine work? Shine is just a reflection of light. The more uniform the surface of your hair, the more reflection of light you’re going to get.

For example: The best reflection of a uniform surface is a mirror. You can take a flashlight, shine it and it comes right back into your eyes. If you take that mirror and deform it somehow and shine that light, it’s not going to do the same thing. If you take a ball bearing, you see a ball bearing has a nice glow to it, if you hit it with a hammer and distort that, you lose the shine. The same thing happens with your hair. If your hair shaft is uniform, then it’ll reflect light. If it’s thin and uniform, it’ll reflect light. What these proteins do is they attract themselves. If there is an indentation in your hair, it [S-Ionic Proteins] will fill that up and therefore equalize the hair, making it whole again and you will then get the shine.

Will our hair break off if we use too much protein?

Y F: First of all, this premise is incorrect. Your hair won’t break off if you use too much protein. What will happen is this: The amount of protein you need absorbed into your hair will be absorbed. The rest will coat. After it dries, it begins to crack and you get a web look and then it flakes. So if you overuse your protein, when your hair dries it begins to flake because the protein that is laying on the hair shaft is now breaking. But your hair doesn’t break apart if you get too much protein.