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Realize long lasting lipstick cosmetics for extended all day wear. Call 347-400-8567 to speak with Karole Lewis, Independent distributor. Lip color lasts 4 to 12 hours.

Finding Long Lasting Lipstick

Work days can sometimes turn into work nights. Not only do you need a long lasting attitude, but a long lasting lip stick. Reapplying lip stick every hour can be a hassle. So a long lasting lip stick that keeps you looking fresh all day is what a lot of women are looking for.

a great long lasting lip stick that doesn’t fade or bleed on your lips is almost hard to come by. But one cosmetic company with a desire to help women has succeeded in making a long lasting lip stick that will enhance your lips and keep you looking your best all day long.

Many long lasting lip stick colors fade throughout the day. They also only come in select colors. Now you can choose from over 30 long lasting lip stick colors. They even include a gloss to apply over the long lasting lip stick to keep it bright and appealing to others.

It is very easy to apply your great long lasting lip stick. First, remove any other lipstick or glosses that you may have on. Make sure your lips are dry, and then apply the first layer of your long lasting lip stick. Allow it to dry and do not rub your lips together. This may cause feathering. Then apply two more coats of your long lasting lip stick. It should last a minimum of four hours. The long lasting lip stick usually lasts around twelve.

The amazingly long lasting lip stick also comes in a diamond collection with real diamond dust. It also moisturizes your lips. The long lasting lip stick also can be paired with a diamond lip gloss.

LipsDiva.com is where you can find your shade of Lip Sense long lasting lip stick. Check them out today and have a long lasting smile tomorrow.