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Cosmetics Waterproof Foundation

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Using the foundation with the skin care will help reduce wrinkles and improve your skin. Don’t take our word for it, read the clinical results done by an independent laboratory. Proven anti aging moisturizers protect your skin and keep it radiant.

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  • Almond MakeSense Almond
  • Beige Chiffon MakeSense Beige Chiffon
  • Blush MakeSense Blush
  • Cafe au lait MakeSense Cafe au lait
  • Chestnut MakeSense Chestnut
  • Creme Beige MakeSense Crème Beige
  • Dewy MakeSense Dewy
  • Fawn MakeSense Fawn
  • Ivory MakeSense Ivory
  • Mink MakeSense Mink
  • Suede MakeSense Suede
  • Tan MakeSense Tan


MakeSense™ Cosmetics Waterproof Foundation with SenePlex® combines cosmetics with skincare to give you an impeccably flawless finish. Oil-free, non-comedogenic and water-resistant, this long-lasting formula can be used on any skin type! The foundation also provides a mechanical shield equivalent to an SPF 15. Combine with the DayTime Moisturizer for an equivalent SPF 30. A portion of proceeds from sales of the foundation are donated to the Make Sense Foundation®, non-profit organization, helping women and children in need.

MakeSense™ Cosmetics Waterproof Foundation delivers a flawless, water-resistant finish, while providing non-smearing, long-lasting coverage that will keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful! This incredible foundation with SenePlex® is the base which sets up the long-lasting color technology of our SenseCosmetics™. MakeSense™ Foundation comes in a 1oz beautiful pump bottle. MakeSense™ is formulated to be used with the SeneDerm® SkinCare System to provide maximum benefits and optimum results.
Listed in order from lightest to darkest - Shades of MakeSense Foundation:

Light waterproof Foundation Shades

  • Ivory (light shade for ivory colored skin)
  • Crème Beige (light shade with slight yellow undertones)
  • Beige Chiffon (light to medium shade with medium yellow undertones)

Medium Waterproof Foundation Shades

  • Dewy (medium shade with slight yellow undertones)
  • Fawn (medium shade with medium yellow undertones)
  • Almond (medium with slight pink undertones)
  • Blush (medium with medium pink undertones)

Dark Waterproof Foundation Shades

  • Tan (dark shade with yellow undertones)
  • Suede (dark shade with yellow-olive undertones)
  • Cafe au Lait (dark shade with medium pink undertones)

Brown waterproof Foundation Shades

  • Mink (brown shade with yellow undertones)
  • Chestnut (brown shade with pink undertones)