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1 - Top Coat

1 - Base Coat

1 - NailSense

  • Amber Light Nail Polish Amber Light
  • Arabesque Nail Polish Arabesque
  • Ash Rose Nail Polish Ash Rose
  • Azalea Nail Polish Azalea
  • Bombay Beige Nail Polish Bombay Beige
  • Cabernet Nail Polish Cabernet
  • Claret Nail Polish Claret
  • Pink Quartz Nail Polish Pink Quartz
  • Sangria Nail Polish Sangria
  • Wood Rose Nail Polish Wood Rose
This amazing Nail polish is ultra-fantastic. It has never been easier to have gorgeous nails.  Before SeneGenceŽ NailSense, women would spend hours applying their nail polish only to have it ruined at the first dish washing opportunity.  This was very frustrating.  No sooner would you apply the nail polish and it would be off in an instant.  Think of the amount of time that women spend on painting their nails. It can take as much as an hour and if the nail polish comes right off, it is not a good thing.

Now SeneGenceŽ has come up with a process that keeps your nail polish looking fresh for longer than the brand you purchase in the store.  We have proven that the SeneGenceŽ nail polish stays on an average of 40% longer than that if relative competitors and our customers are ecstatic.

This is because with SeneGenceŽ nail polish, you follow a system for application.  First you apply the base coat and let it dry.  After it has dried, you apply your first coat of SeneGenceŽ nail polish.  Wait until it has dried and then apply a second coat of color.  After applying your second coat of your favorite NailSense polish, brush on one even coat of the NailSense top coat. Take extra care around the cuticles. If you make a mistake, use a Q-tip to fix the error. Allow your vivacious fingertips approximately ten minutes to dry for a fabulous finish. Feeling a little more subdued? Try a subtle but refined look by foregoing the color. Apply two layers of the Top Coat for a perfectly polished manicure.

By following these suggestions, you will be astonished at how long your nail polish will last.  If you aren’t comfortable applying it yourself, take the three bottles with you to the manicurist and ask her to apply it for you.  Your friends will be amazed.