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Nail Polish Base Coat

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Systems are meant to be followed.  Applying nail polish isn’t any different. The Base Coat is the first step to expressing yourself through fabulous fingertips. Brush on one even coat to clean, dry nails, taking care around cuticles. Allow the base coat to dry 1-2 minutes before applying two coats of your favorite NailSense shade.

Having nails to envy is really easy with SeneGenceŽ nail polish.  NailSense has been proven to stay on 40% longer than other brands on the market.  Why spend hours polishing your nails only to have the polish rub and chip off?
Fortunately, SeneGenceŽ has come up with a system to keep your nail polish looking fresh for longer than the brand you purchase in the store.  Testing has proven that the SeneGenceŽ nail polish stays on an average of 40% longer than that if relative competitors.

NailSense Nail Polish Base Coat NailSense Base Coat

This is because with SeneGenceŽ nail polish, you follow a system for application.  First you apply the base coat and let it dry.  After it has dried, you apply your first coat of SeneGenceŽ nail polish.  Wait until it has dried and then apply a second coat of color.  After applying your second coat of your favorite NailSense polish, brush on one even coat of the NailSense top coat. Take extra care around the cuticles. If you make a mistake, use a Q-tip to fix the error. Allow your vivacious fingertips approximately ten minutes to dry for a fabulous finish. Feeling a little more subdued? Try a subtle but refined look by foregoing the color. Apply two layers of the Top Coat for a perfectly polished manicure.

I am sure if you are not very good applying nail polish, you can take your NailSense nail polish directly to the manicurist and she will apply it.  She will also be amazed at how great it stays on.