SeneGenceŽ Anti Aging Parfum

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SeneCa Parfume Spray

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SeneCa Parfum

Fragrant flowers, timeless romance, a chic accessory, a little something that will shimmer with elegance ...

How about a little something special that includes all of the above? SeneGenceŽ International® premier fragrance is a unique blend of scent and skin care to wear as you please and let those around remember you ... beautifully. Fragrance conjures powerful reactions - and memories. SeneCa was created with much more in mind - and for your body. First formulated in an exclusive collector's bottle, SeneGence® is excited to announce the next addition to the SeneBoutique line: SeneCa Golden Shimmer Lotion. Perfect to wear alone to drench yourself in luxurious shimmering moisture or to layer with the Parfum, you'll love the rich decadence of the amber-floral scent.

As SeneCa "matures," the scents grow richer and more memorable. Like a fine wine, it improves with age. By including SenePlex® Complex, your skin also improves. Experience the anti-aging benefits of SenePlex® while creating a lasting impression.

You can wear SeneCa Parfum alone or layer luxurious SeneCa Golden Shimmer Body Wash and SeneCa Golden Shimmer Lotion together.

Apply SeneCa Parfum to all the pulse points wherever one feels the beat of the heart; behind the ears, the nape of the neck, at the base of the throat, at the bosom, the inside bend of the elbows, at the inside of the wrists, behind the knees, and at the inside of the ankles. Fragrance rises and when properly applied will heighten the application. The natural heat of the body at these points will assure a well-balanced fragrance application. Make sure you do not rub wrists together as this crushes the layers.

Spritzing a little SeneCa Parfum into the air and walking through it is helpful as it diffuses the fragrance all over your body. No matter what, you will smell wonderful.