Pink Lip Color LipSense

Pink Lip Color LipSense. Color consultation 347-400-8567. Luscious Pink Lip Color LipSense. Best product Pink Lip Color LipSenseŽ stays morning through evening.

Pink Lip Color LipSense

Girls best pick Pink Lip Color LipSense. Apply Pink Lip Color LipSenseŽ early. Look fantastic late evening. Awesome Pink Lip Color LipSense.

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LipSenseŽ Liquid Lip Color Directions for Use
Application of three layers of color is recommended for the greatest staying power. The LipSenseŽ applicator connected to the lid of the LipSenseŽ cap of the tube has three features for application:
  • Tip – Pointed to apply LipSenseŽ as a lip liner
  • Longest Side – Used to apply LipSenseŽ to full lips
  • Shorter Side – Used to apply LipSenseŽ to thin lips.
For best results, LipSenseŽ products must be applied to clean, dry lips. For a more defined, finished look, use LinerSense before applying the lip color. LipSenseŽ needs to be shaken horizontally prior to application. LipSenseŽ is applied by using a layering technique. After placing color onto the wand, begin application at the corner of mouth, (usually) using the longest length of the applicator. Keep lips apart, and follow the natural shape of lips starting at the outer corner of the mouth. With one continual stroke, apply one layer of color from one corner to the other corner of the bottom lip, then one layer of color to the top lip. Apply the color, moving the applicator in one continuous direction versus going back and forth like you would with lipstick. Let each layer set for a few seconds before proceeding to the next. It is not recommended to apply more than three layers of color. When the application of the third layer of color is complete and the color has set, apply one of the LipSenseŽ Moisturizing Glosses over the final layer. Do not press lips together until the moisturizing gloss has been applied onto the last layer of lip color. After applying the gloss, press your lips together to smooth in the moisture rich gloss and enjoy the glorious look and feel of this long-lasting, advanced color technology!

LipSenseŽ Liquid Lip colors are removed by using Ooops! Color Remover or liquid Fooops SenseCosmetics Color Remover.
Pink Lip Color LipSense