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Glam your Body SeneGenceŽ Shimmer Lotion

Glam your Body SeneGenceŽ Shimmer Lotion. Call 347-400-8567. Anti aging properties to tighten skin for youthful appearance.

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Shimmer Lotion

Enjoy the fragrant, lasting impression while improving your skin even more deeply with the combined anti-aging benefits of SenePlex®. You’ll love the rich decadence of the amber-floral scent, fragrant flowers, timeless romance, a chic accessory, a little something that will shimmer with elegance

How about a little something special that includes all of the above? SeneGenceŽ International® premier fragrance is a unique blend of scent and skin care to wear as you please and let those around remember you ... beautifully. Fragrance conjures powerful reactions - and memories. SeneCa was created with much more in mind - and for your body. First formulated in an exclusive collector's bottle, SeneGence® is excited to announce the next addition to the SeneBoutique line: SeneCa Golden Shimmer Lotion. Perfect to wear alone to drench yourself in luxurious shimmering moisture or to layer with the Parfum, You’ll love the rich decadence of the amber-floral scent.
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SeneCa Shimmer Lotion

Golden Shimmer Lotion
Moisturize skin with a gorgeous scent and glisten all day. SeneCa Golden Shimmer Lotion increases the longevity of the SeneCa Parfum scent throughout the day by layering the SeneCa scent one step-at-a-time within your personal care routine helping to make your skin more beautiful with SenePlex Complex. SeneCa Golden Shimmer Lotion not only smells of exotic fragrant floral ambers … it makes skin look more dazzling and luminous with a touch of golden shimmer.

The Science Behind the Product
Golden Shimmer Lotion is enriched with light but rich moisturizers to moisturize while delivering a light scent of SeneCa Parfum to the skin. SenePlex Complex along with essential vitamins is also layered onto the skin when used with SeneCa Golden Shimmer Body Wash. Microscopic shimmering golden micas are used for a ‘not too over done’ sophisticated look.

Key Ingredients and Benefits
Golden Shimmer Lotion is made of a combination of ingredients. Here are a few key components:
  • SenePlex Complex – Kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal.
  • SeneCa Parfum Oil Ingredients – Please see SeneCa Parfum Key Ingredients in this section.
  • Italian Mandarin • Magnolia • Blackberry
  • Peony • Chinese Gardenia • Orange Blossom
  • Bulgarian Rose • Ylang-Ylang • Oakmoss
  • Sandalwood • Musk • Vanilla
Shimmer Lotion Produce Body Shine